L’Ardèche du Sud

L’Ardèche du Sud is the iOS app that helps you have a great vacation in the Ardèche. The Ardèche is one of the most beautiful counties of France. The landscape is varied, there are beautiful villages, a market is always around the corner, there’s loads more to do than only canoeing, and, and, and, and… How do you pick the things that really look great to you?

L’Ardèche du Sud gives you all the information you need. The app displays its content in one of four languages: English, Dutch, French or German.

how it works

How it works

You will love the functionality

Version 3 of L’Ardèche du Sud is completely rewritten in Apple’s modern SwiftUI framework. The app works super fast and strictly follows Apple’s design principles. You will immediately understand how to use it. It automatically adapts its layout, from a small-screen iPhone mini to a big iPad Pro. It is beautiful when your device is set to Dark Mode and it uses the Adaptive Text Size that you chose in your Settings.

Essential info always within reach

Carefully hand-picked entries

Available in 4 languages

Selectable map categories

Carefully selected, concise descriptions

Clearly sorted in a few categories, it’s easy to find the sites in the Ardèche that I find truly worthwhile. After all, I have been living in the Ardèche for many years. A paragraph or two per entry is all you need to decide why a village or a special sight is worth visiting. Open a website or call for more information. Get driving directions via Apple Maps or Google Maps * . Share the entry with 1 tap. Long-press each of the buttons for additional options.

Always within reach

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad then you’ll always have the essential information for your vacation in the Ardèche at hand. All descriptions and images are contained within the app and are available off-line.

All entries are neatly categorised into categories. You can expand or collapse the list categories as you like. Each category has a colour (village = red, nature = green, etc.) and this colour-coding is used throughout the app: you will see the same colours in the markers on the map and in the list of category filters for the map.

Maps to find your way around

A few moments on-line suffice to retrieve a full map of the southern Ardèche. L’Ardèche du Sud will show you all entries on the map. This way it’s easy to see where you are and which items you would like to visit. Easily select categories to show or hide on the map with a tap of a button. Tap on the marker and see the details of that entry. On the item’s detail page you can long-press the map button to choose between Apple Maps or Google Maps * for driving directions.

Get L’Ardèche du Sud now!

L’Ardèche du Sud works on all iOS-devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). The app has built-in support for 4 languages:

  • English,
  • Dutch,
  • French, and
  • German.

If your device uses one of these four languages, the app will automatically display its content in that language. Otherwise, Ardèche du Sud will display content in the first of these languages that it finds in your Language Settings preferences.

Get L’Ardèche du Sud via the Apple App Store.


Is there a free trial?

No. Why offer a free app with almost no functionality, forcing you to do an in-app purchase? I prefer to offer a fully functional app with unlimited free updates for a small one-time fee. Buy L’Ardèche du Sud for the price of one coffee and enjoy the taste of the Ardèche for as long as you want 🙂

How am I protected?

L’Ardèche du Sud does not save any data about you. Nothing is collected, so no data needs to be protected. If you enable the use of your location in the app (I recommend to do so), this is only used to show your location on the map and is not shared with a remote server. When calculating driving directions with Apple and/or Google services, their apps may collect your location and share it with these companies, depending on what you allowed in your location settings.

Do you offer support?

Yes. Please use the e-mail option in the Info tab of the app.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes. Please use the e-mail option in the Info tab of the app.

Who is the author?

My name is Theo Schoenmakers. I am a Dutch national, living all year round in the Ardèche. Since 2010, my wife and I are the owners of Le Moulin de Lande, a tranquil, rural domain with four rental holiday cottages (“gîtes” in French) in the southern Ardèche. I started developing L’Ardèche du Sud in 2014 and have regularly updated its content and its layout.

* Navigation choice between Apple Maps or Google Maps is only available if the Google Maps app is installed on the device.

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L'Ardèche du Sud

The greatest spots in the south Ardèche in the palm of your hand.